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Our Product

Our Product

Our Robot: Meet Our Next Generation Robot!

Using HD cameras, sensors and cutting edge capabilities including 2D mapping and navigation systems, our robot can learn its surroundings and easily navigate your facility. Via remote access through computer or smart phone, your team can send the robot to the patient bedside to conduct a telehealth/ telemedicine visit. This is accomplished with no need for human help, thus freeing your staff members for more important tasks.

RobotEL Product Highlights:

Vital-Signs machine

We strongly believe in improving workflow and freeing the medical team to focus on patient care. With integration, efficiency is optimized and human error is eliminated. Our Vital-signs machines with integration in EMR /EHR were carefully selected to exactly accomplish just that. Vital-signs are captured and seamlessly uploaded into your EMR, including: temperature, Heart rate , blood pressure and oxygen saturation.


We believe that one size does not fit all. Options of advanced stethoscopes are available. One stethoscope option provides live streaming of heart and lung sounds. Another option is a digital stethoscope with up to 40x amplification where sounds are sent as a file. Such stethoscopes will help your physicians more easily and accurately diagnose medical conditions, hence improving patient care.

Other Add-ons

In addition to VS machines and stethoscopes, high-definition otoscope and dermatoscope can be added. 12 lead EKG machine and bladder scans are also available upon request.

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