RobotEL Telehealth

About us

RobotEL (pronounced Robo.t.EL) is a robotic telemedicine /telehealth company founded by experienced physicians from different settings, including hospitals, long-term skilled facilities and outpatient clinics. Our mission is to leverage technology to increase access to quality care, increase efficiency and reduce costs in the process.

Our team understands the Challenges your facility faces

Staffing Crisis is only one of the many challenges the medical field is facing. Adding our Robot to your team is tantamount to adding another 24/7 staff member. Our background in different settings provides us with a deep understanding of the workflow and the different tasks the team must accomplish. Our robot, paired with stethoscope and Vital-signs machine, will help your physicians perform telemedicine/telehealth visits with no or minimal help of a third party.

Our Robot Can Help You Maximize Outcomes

Empower Your Team

Your medical team can conduct telemedicine/telehealth visits using our autonomous robots with no or minimal input from other staff members. The robot can be accessed anytime and from anywhere with a computer or smart phone. Our vital-signs machine seamlessly integrates into your EMR, hence freeing your team members to focus on more important tasks.

Enhance Patients /Residents Experience

Robotic telemedicine services in your facility increases patient access to physicians. Patients are no longer constrained to local doctors and can consult with specialists regardless of location. Family members can be assigned scheduled limited secure access to see their loved ones.

Improve Outcomes

Early assessment of patients and residents leads to early intervention and decreased hospitalization rates and adverse outcomes.

Increase Revenue

Decreasing hospitalization, increasing patients/residents’ satisfaction will increase your facility’s revenue. Transportation expenses will be significantly decreased when specialists are given access to our robots.

John M.

I could not be happier with the care I received from Doctor Nouriel Z. and his entire team.

Clara P.

This robot is so futuristic, it makes me smile just to see it in action. Knowing how it seamlessly works with our assigned practitioner is the icing on the cake for us.

James W.

Great machine. Compassionate Doctor. Enough said.

Amelia C.

I was skeptical at first. How will a robot adequately provide critical care interventions and empower Mom's doctor to make the right call? One joint session assuaged all concerns. This technology is inspiring. I sleep well at night!

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